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Neil Jenney said,
'Leger, a Connecticut artist, is dedicated to pure honest interpretation of his observations and to a disciplined technical precision in making of the completed works - so he works in the field - without a camera. His “Skyscape” Series has made one of the most desired artists of the galleries on the coast of Maine - as his agent is the Littlefield Gallery at Winter Harbor. His work is the epitome of Refined - Sophisticated Realism.

Carl Little said,
'Leger has a special passion for trees, treating them like respected elders. "A Study in Courage" is a cropped rendering of the torsos of two trees in fall plumage. The title of another painting, "The Prophet," lends a biblical element to a study of a coastal tree that appears to point toward the horizon.

Tracy O'Shaughnessy said,
'Victor Leger’s “Unified Theory,” an incandescent work of lyrical brilliance, is a standout. Here, Leger captures a single, lichen-scabbed tree as it arcs through the sky and drops its parched crimson leaves. Leger’s captivating light-blue sky, which comprises almost a third of the images, is one in which to lose yourself. The blots of rusty red and carrot red leaves froth with the agile fluttering of birds.Here is a landscape as it is viewed from a position of meditative stillness, worthy of attention, respect and wonderment.'